To detect and respond to cyberattacks, defenders need to:

  • Become proactive
  • Move much faster
  • Utilize massive amounts of data in their favor

In other words: they need to think like attackers.

Hunters is the industry’s first autonomous threat hunting solution to detect attacks that bypass existing controls, in every environment. Hunters has integrated with CrowdStrike Falcon, now enabling CrowdStrike users to extend threat detection beyond the endpoint and into every attack surface.

Together, CrowdStrike Falcon and Hunters enable you to:

  • Interconnect with other environments and expose invisible threats
  • Hunt threats at scale, with an AI-powered machine
  • Reduce response times with concrete attack stories, not alerts

Watch this webinar to learn about this integrated solution, from CrowdStrike’s Technology Strategist, Zeki Turedi and Hunters’ CEO, Uri May.