Uri Speaker

Transforming Sparse Signals into Actionable Attack Stories

At the core of Hunters’ XDR technology lies a Knowledge Graph – the same technology that powers Google Search - is a structured representation of knowledge, architected for flexibility and compatibility with scalable analytical algorithms.

It provides Hunters the ability to investigate, contextualize and correlate security events from across the attack surface in an unprecedented way, transforming sparse signals from siloed systems into an actionable attack stories. 

Join Hunters for a special live webinar on Feb 17th, 1PM ET, 10AM PT to take your SOC through an evolutionary leap. In this webinar, Hunters’ CEO and Co-Founder Uri May, and  Sounil Yu, CISO in Residence, YL Ventures will discuss:

  • How Graph technology transforms sparse threat signals from siloed security tools into actionable attack stories 
  • How SOC teams increase the effectiveness of their threat detection programs with out of the box detection models 
  • Approaches for augmenting or replacing  SIEM technology with a scaled modern approach, at a better cost.