Webinar: Open XDR
in the Modern SOC

In a world of legacy security tools that are not scaled to handle the breadth of the growing attack surface; point solutions that leave blind spots and limit incident investigation and response; and tools like SIEMs that require massive knowledge and effort to support SOC Threat Detection and Response programs,

Open XDR solutions have emerged to revolutionize the way the SOC detects, investigates and responds to threats across the attack surface.

This webinar, hosted by Hadas Ofir, Head of Customer Success at Hunters and Yael Macias, Product Marketing Manager at Hunters explores the role of Open XDR in the modern SOC.

During this webinar, you'll learn about:

  1. How SOC requirements are changing due to today’s petabyte-scale security challenges

  2. Why an open approach to XDR is crucial to eliminate detection silos and respond to threats with confidence

  3. How to move past legacy security tools and adopt a modern SOC

  4. Live demo of Hunters Open XDR

Watch the webinar to learn how to implement an open XDR solution that provides out-of-the-box detection, scoring, and investigation that’s always up to date.