Enterprises are everywhere: cloud, network, endpoint, mobile.

The amount of security solutions that SOC analysts need to monitor in order to secure them generates a tremendous level of noise.

Market-leading endpoint security solutions such as the CrowdStrike Falcon platform enable organizations to effectively respond to modern cyberattacks, but disconnected data sources across the IT security stack can cause traces of an attack to fall between the cracks.

Extending detection and response to connect data across platforms and detections — a capability increasingly known as “XDR” — is critical to effectively remediate threats.

Hunters Open XDR seamlessly ingests rich endpoint telemetry from CrowdStrike’s Security Cloud as well as organizational data and security telemetry from any existing data source in the organization, to transform security operations’ ability to detect, investigate and respond to threats across the attack surface, helping the SOC adapt at the pace and scale of the organization.

Watch this webinar to learn:

1. How to easily move from EDR to XDR, achieving higher detection efficacy while significantly reducing SOC triage and time-to-respond
2. How Hunters connects to existing data to detect overlooked threats and connect the dots between siloed areas of the organization
3. How organizations are benefiting from streamlined security operations by integrating Hunters and CrowdStrike

Hosted by:

Chris Kachigian, Senior Director, Global Solution Architecture Technology Alliances at CrowdStrike

Andrew Bryan, Head of Security Engineering at Hunters