AWS and cloud environments in general are an essential element in most organizations nowadays, so securing them adequately is key to support the digital transformation of any business.

Tune in to watch a reproduction of the latest AWS attack technique that was discovered by Hunters’ Research team, a technique that allows attackers to obfuscate their use of stolen credentials in AWS. You will also learn about Hunters’ AWS research approach, with key analytics and tips & tricks for AWS that you can implement TODAY.

There are big advantages to having an Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution in your security stack when wanting to defend a cloud infrastructure. The main one being the ability to correlate telemetry of different tools to understand better malicious activity taking place in your cloud environment. We will give examples of that during the Hunters XDR product demonstration that is presented in the webinar. 

Hosted by:
Eliav Livneh, Senior Cloud Researcher, Hunters.

You can also listen to the podcast about the AWS technique here
Or read the blog post about the technique here.

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